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Buying a house can be an overwhelming process, especially for a first time home buyer. Here at The Watkins Group Realty, you can be sure you have the support you need to make sound decisions and receive the best deal possible.

Find a Realtor

Look no further with 12 years of experience, your search for a realtor ends now. You will need someone trustworthy on your team to help meet all your home goals and represent YOU during the whole process. Contact us

Get Pre-approved

Figure out what you can afford. First things first, Check Your Credit Report & Score (free credit karma link), meet with a lender & get pre-approved to know your financial options, get the right mortgage for your situation. Contact us

Find and Research Properties

Look for the Right Home. Review your home needs, wants, desired area and create your wishlist.

Appointments and Home Tours

Here is where the Search begins. It is our job to handle the logistics of scheduling and coordinating visits to properties. All while making sure we stay on your schedule. Contact us

Select a Home and Present an Offer

So you found the one! At this time we recommend a CMA. A CMA evaluates comparable properties in order to come up with a reasonable purchase and sale agreement, making an informed offer. Contact us

Schedule the Home Inspection

Home inspections help ensure the house is good to go. If repairs are needed we ensure they are completed while conducting a thorough walk-through with you. Contact us

Negotiate Contract Terms

Leave the negotiating to us. With my years of knowledge. We will negotiate on your behalf to address any items of concern from the inspection. Contact us

Secure Your Loan

Working with your lender, we will finalize the contract. Our goal is to make sure the approval process runs as smoothly as possible. Contact us

The Closing Table

Closing is the last step, arranging utilities; getting the keys… we start what we finish! Contact us