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Ann Watkins
I have been a Realtor since 2006 and an investor since 1984. I love bringing people the joy of finding a place they love. Families and homes are the cornerstone of a happy life.
Erica Perez
Administrative Assistant
Born and raised in Houston, Texas; The Houston community truly has my heart! There is no other place I’d rather be. From the diversity to the opportunity; dreams truly live here. I have been servicing Houston clientele for the past 10 years. Being able to help someone make their lives easier is a true gift everyone should experience at least once. The best part is helping someone who otherwise couldn’t have done so themselves. That is what Houston is all about after all.
Ki’ Tari Riles
No one likes surprises in major life events like buying or selling a home. From searching for the home to closing, my clients are guided each step of the way. As your Realtor, my commitment to you will ensure you’re a happy and satisfied client on closing day.
Thelma Forno
I relocated from Los Angeles to Houston, TX thirteen years ago. Throughout my years living in Los Angeles, I served as a legal assistant shifting my career as a Realtor for twelve years. I work hard around the clock to ensure my clients are getting top quality assistance in my performance but as well as building relationships in this industry. I want my clients feeling great receiving the best service when selling or buying their first home. I strive to make this whole experience painless and stress-free. In my free time, I love oil painting which I have done for many years, but also picked up different ways to express art in color pencils. Now living life as a Houstonian, I enjoying quality time with my husband and grandkids.
Toni Smith
Veronie Gross
I am a family oriented person that left the corporate world to follow my passion in real estate. I have always loved the beauty of homes. I can now help make your vision of your dream home into your reality. My years of leadership in the corporate world enables me to give great insight on your real estate experience.